About Merci Baku

Merci Baku! The exact translation from French is Thank you, Baku. And in reality each of us is grateful to Baku for something.

Every visitor in Baku thanks our City of Winds at least once a visit. And for us it’s a real pleasure to run across enthusiastic rave reviews left by travellers even centuries ago. Imagine, that mid 19th century a prominent French writer Alexander Dumas gave such a gorgeous description of Baku that all the historian, ethnographers and other scientists are citing his words. As for Banin, living in the heart of Paris, where she was thrown by the fate, she was dreaming of Baku till her last days.

You may ask: Why such a synthesis?

Azerbaijan and France have the same type of reverent attitude to cuisine and tasty food. Only in this two countries the lunch might smoothly blend in dinner. May be these are the reasons that the whole idea of Merci Baku restaurant was welcomed with enthusiasm.

To stay bound to these two great cultures and traditions we mixed not only the French Provence interior with the ambiance of Old Eastern Town but these two cuisines as well.

And Here you are! In Merci Baku you may taste National Azeri food with French accent. The unique author’s work of our chefs will keep you excited by French refinement and Azeri unforgettable (memorable) taste. You can’t stay indifferent!

We can’t wait to see you!